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5.5% ABV

"Drink Better Beer!"

This table saison was brewed for the film CRAFT, as an experiment to distinguish a “brewhouse terroir;” a brewer’s unique expression due to diverse brewing practices in regionally diverse breweries. Funkwerks is one of a few Altered State Brewing collaborations, using the same saison recipe. This traditional saison is animated with floral, citrus, and spicy notes that crescendo and fall into a dry finish. To learn more about CRAFT visit http://www.craftbeermovie.com

6.3% ABV
Our Belgian-style Dubbel pours a stunningly clear chocolate color with a creamy, mousse-like head. True to style, the beer that sits before you presents a rich and complex malt aroma accompanied by hints of sweet caramel and fruity esters that continue in to the flavor. Characteristics of chocolate, raisins and toffee are also found in the flavor, leading to a satisfyingly rich finish with minimal bitterness.
9.0% ABV
This is our flagship Saison. This tawny orange-hued beer pours with a rocky whitehead. Aromas of passion fruit, tangerine, and black pepper hit the nose. Flavors a cascade of citrus and pepper. It finishes with a dry and lingering bitterness that awaits another sip.
Session Saison

5.0% ABV
Inspired by our flagship Saison, we wanted to create an even more refreshing, lower gravity saison, without sacrificing flavor, so you can enjoy more of it! We added malted wheat for a rounder mouth feel, and implemented more dry-hopping to produce a delightful citrusy and floral aroma. This beer has a delicate combination of fruity esters and lemon verbena, with hints of spice. It has a slight tartness that falls into a dry finish. You won’t want to stop sipping this sessionable brew, and at 5% alcohol by volume, you won’t have to! Pairs well with braised Unicorn.
Nelson Sauvin
7.6% ABV
Named after a distinctive New Zealand hop, this single-hop saison has a subtle aroma of white grapes and a hint of spice from our house saison yeast. An addition of Muscat grape must during fermentation plays into the grape aromas from the hops and helps dry out the finish. This dry refreshing saison pairs perfectly with warm weather!
Saison de Mars
5.7% ABV
We brewed our Saison de Mars, meaning “Saison of March”, with a traditional Belgian saison yeast but added spelt malt grain and Belgian candi sugar to give this experimental brew a dry effervescence. This deep amber colored saison is spiced with orange peel, coriander, grains of paradise, and ginger, giving the nose an exciting burst of aromas. The complex spiciness compliments the fruity Belgian saison yeast notes.
Belgian Stout
6.0% ABV
We took a traditional oatmeal stout recipe and brewed it with an experimental Belgian Stout yeast. This delightful beer has a rich chocolate nose with a modest roasty element. Notes of dark chocolate are expressed throughout the flavor, with hints of caramel and dark fruit. The oatmeal gives it a silky smooth mouth-feel, finishing slightly sweet without being cloying with little to no bitterness.
6.8% ABV
This is our flagship saison. This tawny orange-hued beer pours with a rocky white head. Aromas of passion fruit, tangerine and black pepper hit the nose. Flavors are a cascade of orange, lemon verbena, ginger and pepper. It finishes with a dry and lingering bitterness that awaits another sip.
Raspberry Provincial
4.2% ABV
This delicious creation was truly a product of creativity, ingenuity, and luck. Last summer we took a test batch of our Berliner Weisse style summer ale, Provincial, that didn’t quite hit gravity, and decided to have some fun with it! We added a heavy dose of raspberries to this sessionable, refreshingly tart beer. The end result was so delicious, we decided to recreate it! This delightfully tart fruit beer is stimulating and refreshing, with a citrusy raspberry aroma which transitions to a subtlety sweet and tart finish.
Tropic King
8.0% ABV
Bursting with aromas of passion fruit, mango, and peach, our Imperial Saison is brewed using New Zealand Rakau hops. Combined with notes of pepper and ginger produced by our house yeast strain, Tropic King has a unique flavor that has gained a loyal following
Oud Bruin
7.5% ABV
The Funkwerks sour program launched in early 2012 and this is our first barrel aged sour release. We aged our Oud Bruin in a variety of barrels for a year before carefully examining and blending the twelve best barrels. Aroma of dark malts and black cherry compliment the notes of dark fruit in the flavor. A blend of Brettano- myces with Lactobacillus and other sour cultures contribute the characteristic sour flavor profile of this style. This beer pours a deep auburn color and has a dry tart finish.
Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad
11.5% ABV
Our Belgian-style Quadrupel, which was inspired by the Trappist breweries of Belgium, sat in oak bourbon barrels for 8 months to allow the unique flavors of oak and bourbon from the barrels to meld with our base beer. A spicy oak aroma leads to flavors of caramel and malt balanced by fruit notes from our house yeast strain. Hints of bourbon and a slight alcohol warmth lead to a dry finish that makes this the perfect beer to enjoy on a cold winter evening.

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