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7.0% ABV
Our Belgian-style dark ale pours a stunningly clear chocolate color with a creamy, mousse-like head. True to style, the beer that sits before you presents a rich and complex malt aroma accompanied by hints of sweet caramel and fruity esters that continue in to the flavor. Characteristics of chocolate, raisins and toffee are also found in the flavor, leading to a satisfyingly rich finish with minimal bitterness. Pairs poorly with a bad attitude.
7.5% ABV
Wild Cherry Belgian-Style Ale
Our Head Brewer, Justin’s first Movember brew. He dumped 168 pounds of sweet and tart cherries into this dark, rich Belgian-style ale. A slurry of Brettanomyces strains, lactobacillus, pediococcus and a unique experimental sherry strain contribute to its sour profile. Only aged for a short time, it will continue to sour and evolve with more age.
Dark fruit notes, cherry, hints of Brettanomyces, and a little cherry tartness.
6.8% ABV
Double Belgian-Style Witbier
Blanka is a bigger, bolder version of a Belgian White. Blanka is one of the better close-range beers, as it is quick in the air and has good raw power. When this Double Wit comes in contact with an opponent, it uses its inconspicuous strength. Perfect refreshment to down your sorrows from a defeated match.
Notes of tangerine citrus, orange zest, coriander, grains of paradise, and a bit of cardamom.
Pairs poorly with Ryu.
Nelson Sauvin
7.5% ABV
Named after the unique New Zealand hop that has distinct white wine characteristics, this single-hop Saison has a subtle aroma of gooseberries, honeydew melon and a hint of spiciness from our house Saison yeast strain. Bright fruit characteristics carry through from the late hop additions into the flavor but with a restrained bitterness. The addition of Muscat grape juice at the end of the boil plays into the fruity aromas from the hops and contributes to the crisp, dry finish. This intriguing Saison blurs the line between wine and beer. IBU-15.
The Randall-Beer de Jour
ABV Varying
A Hop Rocket (also known as a Randall) is basically an in draft line infuser that can also be used as a hop back. We use it to infuse our beer with different types of hops, fruit, vegetables and whatever else our Funkwerks hearts desire! The beer flows from the keg into the Hop Rocket where the beer is infused and out pours a new creation. Each beer creation lasts the duration of a keg, so make sure you try whichever fun invention is on tap today!
9.0% ABV
Inspired by Belgian Tripels and Golden Strong ales, light-hued beer uses a high percentage of Pilsner malt and a unique Belgian yeast strain to present a sweet lemon character in the aroma. This citrus quality carries into the flavor and finishes with a slight tartness.
6.8% ABV
This is our flagship saison. This tawny orange-hued beer pours with a rocky white head. Aromas of passion fruit, tangerine and black pepper hit the nose. Flavors are a cascade of orange, lemon verbena, ginger and pepper. It finishes with a dry and lingering bitterness that awaits another sip.
10.0% ABV
Inspired by the Dark Strong beers of Belgium, this full-bodied Quadruple Belgian-style ale has malt-forward aromas with dark fruit notes. A dry and balanced finish makes this strong but quaffable beer the perfect way to end a long day!
Notes of toffee, chocolate, raisins and plums.
Pairs poorly with scissors.
Barrel Aged Deceit
9.0% ABV
Our award winning Belgian-style golden ale Deceit was aged in a variety of oak barrels for 18 months to 2 years to produce this strong yet deceptively smooth brew.
Aromas of fresh apple and crisp white wine. Spicy notes compliment the complex characteristics pulled from the oak barrels.
Pairs well with a well aged fruitcake you found from 2 holidays prior.
Saison Noir
7.0% ABV
A unique dark Saison that preserves the citrus fruit and spice characteristics of a traditional Saison without being suppressed by the dominant roasty elements typically introduced by the dark malts. This brew is proof of how deceiving the eyes can be.
Notes of organic fair trade dark chocolate, earthy pine, clove, orange peel, slight cocoa, very slight roast.
Tropic King
aged in Peach Whiskey Barrels
8.3% ABV
This is the second barrel release of this unique barrel aged beer that was named one of the Top 25 Beers of the Year in DRAFT Magazine in 2014. Originally came about as an experiment in 2013 when we acquired some Peach Whiskey barrels and filled them with Tropic King. Tropic King was the perfect fit for a Peach Whiskey barrel because of its distinct apricot fruitiness.
Notes of passion fruit, mango and peach, balanced by a spicy vanilla from the oak barrel and an earthy dryness from the Brettanomyces.
Tropic King
8.0% ABV
Bursting with aromas of passion fruit, mango, and peach, our Imperial Saison is brewed using New Zealand Rakau hops. Combined with notes of pepper and ginger produced by our house yeast strain, Tropic King has a unique flavor that has gained a loyal following
5.0% ABV
This Belgian Style Wit is refreshing with ample character. The opaque pale color and voluminous white head results from a high percentage of raw wheat used in the recipe. Aroma is of orange zest and ginger combined with hints of chamomile and coriander. Flavors of lemon and orange citrus are complimented with a pleasant spiciness. The addition of raw oats gives the mouthfeel an interesting creaminess, yet finishes dry with a supple tartness.
Session Saison
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Remi's Rye
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Raspberry Provincial
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Dark Prophet
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Oud Bruin
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Rum Barrel Aged Deceit
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